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Do you want a Fling? That's what this website suggests. Maybe you can find someone who wants to stay with you for a while possibly, the rest of your life. However, this is a singles search site that gives you the chance to keep it real or create a fantasy. The name suggests just for SEX. But it's a little more than that. There are people here that look for quality companions as well. You simply have to sift through the large amounts of those who only want SEX.

Getting Into The Thick Of It

Now you're looking all over the page. You see the menu above. Home, Search, Online Now, Chat, Trending Now, and Live Members are at the top for you. Even the navigation seems tempting. Little treats and things to get into the more you look through.

On an initial membership, you are allowed to see a little and do a little. It seems that with every click to see more about a single member, you're directed to buy a membership. However, if you hit the search button, you can look in various countries before you make a final decision. That's the fun part about

Things to Remember

If you think about it. Hundreds and thousands of dating sites are listed on the internet. Many people will go from site to site and try looking at what they can get for free. Normally, people want to get as much as they can for free. At some point, if you're serious enough, you should be paying for a membership. We recommend that you only use one or two sites to pick in finding that "Other" person.

Some people pick different countries that they'd like to vacation in. While they are out there, it might be a good idea to find someone who knows the area that can show you where to go for the most fun. That's the fun part of dating. You get the best of both worlds. It puts the true meaning of "Places to go, people to see" into the action of philosophy.

Browse around in the "Search" category. You'll find a country other than the USA. Cruise through and find a few women to "like." There will be plenty to choose from. Make it a vacation destination, and you may find someone to be with as well. Hey, it's a plan.

Cruise Around

When you sign up on, you have to go through the preliminary security checks to see if you're over 18 years old. After all, that's finished, you'll be able to CRUISE.

After you sign up for your initial membership, before you pay, you'll see there are plenty of women who are willing to show you more than just a portrait. When you find what you're looking for, just click the heart. It will tell that person that you're interested.


One of the first things you’ll see is a message from the Site Master.

It's usually good advice. Do you know why? It's because they want you to stay with the site. They don't want you to go anywhere else but, they do have their limits as to how you can interact. When you look at the business side of it, it's all just a game. But if you're willing to play, they're willing to lead you on. That being said, if you decide to keep looking, soon, you'll see messages come up on your menu at the top right.

You can get poked, flirted with, sent a message, and a few other things. As you see, there's also an expiration on the notice. We're not sure why that would be, except maybe it sits on the Fling servers, and they don't want billions of things like this to stay on filling them up. When you click on these messages, it's time for Fling to prompt you to get a full membership.

If you explore more, you'll find you can play games, chat, and leave teaser messages after your buy-in to the site. All the site benefits will be open to you as you search.

If You Invest

You can meet people from all different places in the world, you can meet them around the corner from where you live. It depends on who, what, where, and why you want to meet them.


You can’t be bad to those who message you. Which is really a good thing. We’re sure you can find other places to be rude, but this site won’t permit it. You can chat, play games, and message if you have a paid membership. Also, with a paid membership, you can do almost anything on this site. It’s possible to be addicted to but we suggest you use some common sense.


Remember that unless you pay for a membership, it's going to limit you every time you want to read someone's profile or communicate with them. You may find yourself wanting to opt-out of the site if you keep running into a prompt for payment. This can be frustrating for those only looking to see what's actually on the site.

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