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AustralianHookups Review


AustralianHookups is a service created to connect people with different sexual inclinations, which are sometimes embarrassing to talk about in life.

Registration on the site will take you only a couple of minutes. During the first stages of registration, you will be required to provide your date of birth and gender. In the second step, you will have to choose the gender you are looking for and indicate your sexual interests.

In the third and last step, you must fill in your characteristics to complete your profile.

After passing through all the stages, you will receive a message with a successful registration, which you will need to confirm. The link attached to the email will direct you to your page, where you can put a photo on your profile. You can always add or change information in your account settings.

At the very bottom of the page of the AustralianHookups website are horizontally located site support tabs. You can find frequently asked questions that may arise using this resource.

The design of the site is made in a neutral style. The gray-white background is pleasing to the eye. There are no bright colors that can strain your eyes. The tabs on the site are designed in a nice size and dark color for ease of use. Alerts are most often highlighted in green.

Benefits of AustralianHookups :

  1. Quick registration
  2. Easy to use
  3. Ability to block an unwanted profile
  4. Convenient search for partners
  5. a Large number of profiles

Disadvantages :

  1. A small number of functions on the site


Although the site has a small set of functions, all the most important and necessary are present.

The selection of a partner according to your characteristics can take place in a regular search or in the form of photographs, where you can discard options or add to favorites that caught your attention. You can also add a profile you like to your friends to start flirting.

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