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eHarmony is one of the most popular online dating sites, in terms of success on paper at least. But you don't discover love on paper; you find it online! We decided to try it, and needless to say, we've been anticipating this review...

eHarmony.com - Our Review

Anyone who has ever tried to find love online should know this brand. With over 15 years of expertise, a presence in over 200 countries, and claims of having started millions of new connections, this company is well-known among those who have ever attempted to find love online.

The site was created by a psychologist, which may explain why they believe that compatibility testing is the best way to find a perfect partner. eHarmony is a unique site because it employs science to assist people in meeting others via its online dating website. It implies that eHarmony members will have a better chance of finding love and forming a long-term partnership than if they had searched for someone on another site based only on physical attraction.

To declare that they've united millions of couples is a bold claim. Their success stories area is truly enormous, and they also emphasize this excellent assertion by stating that EACH DAY 438 marriages occur as a consequence of eHarmony. That's almost double the number of marriages performed in Australia in 2020. It's no surprise that eHarmony is as big as they are with this kind of proof.

Whether you come to eHarmony's site or mobile app because of one of their TV commercials, radio ads, magazine, or simply word-of-mouth, you know you're in a place where the search for love is taken seriously from the outset. It feels like eHarmony knows exactly why you're here and wants to help, rather than a site that's all about the journey and the potential of finding your one true love. There are many things to read through before you decide whether or not to join, and once you do, you must go through an extensive signup procedure that is much more time-consuming than the norm for online dating sites.

Surprisingly, if you're a homosexual looking to join, you won't be permitted access and will be sent over to one of the sister sites. You're also unable to join up if you're still married but separated. It's not a place looking to bring as many people as possible to make the most money possible. It's picky and prefers quality members, not quantity, for its singles to meet up with.

How Does eHarmony Work?

eHarmony's personality test takes around 30 minutes to complete. The questions are primarily about self-description and are pretty simple to answer. There are inquiries about various topics, including who you're looking for, whether you smoke, what your profession and income are, and so on. You must pass the test in good faith. The site detects attempts to skip questions and refuses you access. eHarmony once again demonstrates that it is a place for serious daters.

When you first arrive in the member's area, eHarmony suggests profile matches to you depending on how you responded to the questions in the compatibility test. Then they give guided communication, which means they'll walk you through contacting the single men or women that pique your interest. This is a wonderful concept since it allows you to avoid fumbling for words by giving you the option of choosing from a variety of pre-written questions or a handy route map to get to know each other. You must upgrade in order to utilize this site, like most of the top dating sites.

Our Conclusion: Is eHarmony Worth Joining? 


Is eHarmony.com the simplest dating site around? No. It's not even the most enjoyable if we're being completely honest, and it takes time and effort to complete. It appears serious and conservative when juxtaposed with other more modern, fun online dating services. However, if you're on online dating just to find a fantastic match with whom you can have a genuine relationship, the statistics don't lie. It may not be as entertaining or carefree as Tinder, but it has worked for many individuals. It's probably not insane to believe that you could have the same success.


Remember, if you want to find dates online, your chances are considerably better if you use two or three sites simultaneously. The more memberships you have, the more responses and interactions you receive, and the consequence of that are real-life encounters. There are several fantastic websites on the market - properly evaluate as many as possible to discover what works best for you.

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