What women want to explain to men but will never say so directly


What women want to explain to men but will never say so directly

Throughout her life, a woman might meet a guy, be attracted to him, be interested in man, and then he loses interest in talking to her or pursuing her for various reasons.
In some cases, it's because the guy didn't have enough sexual desire for her. In other cases, the guy loses interest because she isn't giving him obvious signs of interest, and he believes there's no fire there, so he backs off. In other situations, some males just want to make women feel attracted to them and have no interest in pursuing the majority of the ladies they meet.

What is really going on?

When talking to a lady, don't be surprised if she doesn't want to make it too easy for you to get interested in her. In case you become bored with her as you chat, she may not want to show too much emotional enthusiasm. 

She may be afraid that you're simply going to make her feel attracted and want you, then not pursue her. That will make her feel like she was rejected by you, that she wasn't good enough for you, etc.

She might be obvious about her interest and make it clear that she wants something to happen, or she might be afraid to reveal too much interest because you might reject her.

She could either be the type of woman who doesn't want to reveal too much interest during the first 7-10 minutes of a discussion to see what kind of confidence level you have.

In general, those types of ladies will be the attractive females who only desire a confident guy since they know that if they get into a relationship with a guy who doesn't believe he is worthy of them, he will quickly become clingy and controlling.

Make sure you don't overthink the woman.

Make sure you don't mistake a woman's anxiety about being rejected as implying that you aren't good enough for her.
However, if you exude personality characteristics and actions that naturally attract women, such as confidence, charisma, emotional masculinity, and so on, most women you encounter will be attracted to you. And again - some women will feel a little attraction, whereas others may feel a lot.


Modern women these days act as though they don't need a man, are not afraid of rejection and don't require anything, but the fact is that women are also human. You'll probably find it challenging to find a woman who admits all the above.
They truly feel the pain of rejection and want to avoid experiencing it again.
So, simply make sure you don't doubt yourself if a lady isn't demonstrating signs of interest. Keep going to pursue her!

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